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Tips for Convincing an Elderly Parent to Wear Adult Diapers

Although incontinence can occur at any age, it most often happens as people age. Some seniors who develop incontinence may try to ignore the problem and go on with their lives as if it’s a normal part of aging. Convincing a parent to do something about the incontinence can sometimes be problematic, which is why many adult children of older parents often find it is in their best interest to just not bring it up. Of course, this is not the right approach as there are ways to fix the problem. Diapers for adults, for example, can absorb the urine and ensure the elderly individual maintains their dignity as they go about their day. There are things you can do to help your parent come to the right decision. It might take some patience, but here are a few things to consider when you are trying to convince your parent to use incontinence supplies. First, don't mention the word diaper. Diaper has certain connotations, and a senior may not be apt to listen to you if you use a term that is typically reserved for a baby. Consider your word choices very carefully as you may be insulting your parent and hurting your argument. Although you may be talking about diapers for adults, you should consider using other words, like incontinence supply or undergarment liner, to make your case. Second, have your parent see a specialist who can provide your parent with more information and help you make the case that your parent may need incontinence supplies on a daily basis. Or they may be able to diagnose the problem and treat it. There are many causes of incontinence, including a urinary tract infection or prostate issues, so these should be ruled out. Your parent may not need incontinence supplies if the underlying issue is treated. If these issues don't work, you could try appealing to your parent's vanity or explain to them how happier they would be if they decided to try out incontinence supplies. If you are consistent and patient, you may be able to convince your parent to try them out. If you fail, you can at least make your case known, and they may eventually come to the decision on their own.